Where is the world heading, and what kind of future awaits the European Union? How are today’s uncertainties affecting Poland and how is it going to face them?

We have been asking ourselves these questions ever more frequently these past few years. For almost two decades, since 1989 the outside world was above all a source of fascination, inspiration and opportunity for the Polish people. We have explored this outside world by travelling, working in foreign countries, reading, and going to the cinema. We have profited from falling trade barriers, open borders, and the influx of modern technology.

Whereas before our optimism had no limits, today it is stifled by fear of the unknown. We have been forced to recognise how quickly this world can change. The world around us has not only become more dangerous, but also less comprehensible. And, above all, the “outside world” has slowly become “our world”, as those from other regions step into our everyday lives. This merging of worlds has become the topic of social and political disputes, which, like never before, evoke both positive and negative emotions.

The “World in Focus” is an invitation to engage in meetings and discussions on the key questions facing Poland, Europe and the world. The two day event will deal with some of the most important and interesting issues today in the company of great intellectuals, experts and many other debaters from various countries. Discussions, films, and workshops dedicated to what is happening in both Poland and Europe, will allow us to study contemporary challenges from various perspectives.

The “World in Focus” is for all those who share our fascination with the world and concerns about its future. We cordially invite you to join us at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews on the 3rd and the 4th of June.

Themes in Focus

The “World in Focus” will provide an intellectually stimulating environment for academia and students, think-tanks, NGOs and civil society alike, by encouraging open exchange and hosting top quality speakers.


Finally, we will discuss Poland’s place in Europe and its current development in these interesting times with a diverse range of intellectuals and politicians.


Political scientist and renowned think-tanker Ivan Krastev, will speak with Sylvie Kauffmann, editorial director at Le Monde, about whether the Europe is doomed to disintegrate and how we can restore faith in it.


A host of outstanding intellectuals and experts will take part in the “World in Focus” – a two day international gathering in Warsaw. Mark Leonard, one of the UK's most visionary thinkers and the author of “Why Europe will run the 21st century”, Ralf Fücks, a leading German foreign policy expert and the author of “Green Growth, Smart Growth”, and Judy Dempsey, former International Herald Tribune journalist and frequent contributor to the New York Times, will debate what aggressive politics pursued by Russia, Middle East conflict, and a changing role of the US mean for Europe and world 3.0. We will also talk about security, nuclear weapons and their disarmament.

Open society

We will discuss the future of the open society in an era of terrorism and migration. We will also meet refugees based in Poland, giving attendees an unprecedented opportunity to hear at first hand some of the stories and experiences of the displaced in their new motherland. Admirers of the cinema will get a chance to see the Danish movie “At Home in the World”, which deals with the problems five refugee children face integrating into a new society.


Moreover, we will investigate ways in which states can support national enterprises and try to answer the question of whether we need to restore the balance between Polish and international capital in our country.

Human rights

Together with the Ombudsman Office we will talk about the state of human rights in Central Europe 25 years after the end of the communism.


We will discuss the most pressing challenges facing Europe today and will explain how migration, economy, the internet and finance are becoming the geo-economic battlegrounds of the future - domains where countries and non-state actors will fight for power and domination.

Transatlantic relations

In the highly emotional year of the US elections we will discuss the likely future scenarios and the possible consequences of the American choice, including transatlantic relations.

European neighbors

We will also be focusing on the US’ age old rival – Russia – and take a closer look at how Kremlin propaganda works and what its influence is in the member states as well as among European neighbours.

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The two day event will be hosted at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, an exceptional institution that has been awarded the European Museum of the Year 2016.